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Generative AI: Translation APIs Versus LLM For Social Media Translation The GDELT Project

Understanding the Differences Between AI, Generative AI, and Large Language Models When scaling generative AI applications, one critical aspect to consider is the cost of inference. While initially, using an API might appear cost-effective, particularly for applications with low usage, the dynamics can change Yakov Livshits significantly as the scale of usage increases. Harness the […]

How Generative AI Will Transform the Marketing Landscape

How to Use Generative AI in Marketing Generative AI is able to create visual content like images and videos for consumers. It can also automate image generation using deep learning algorithms and generative adversarial networks (GANs). This saves time and resources for marketers who would otherwise rely on design teams. AI-generated visuals can also be […]

The biggest challenges in NLP and how to overcome them

Natural language processing for humanitarian action: Opportunities, challenges, and the path toward humanitarian NLP In image generation problems, the output resolution and ground truth are both fixed. But in NLP, though output format is predetermined in the case of NLP, dimensions cannot be specified. It is because a single statement can be expressed in multiple […]

Roblox announces AI Assistant and more features to boost its creator economy

Roblox to Utilize Generative AI in Gaming This is not the same as classical AI, which is intended to detect and categorize existing data. The foundation of generative AI is a neural network, which is a collection of algorithms that imitate the way the human brain operates. The neural network is trained on a set […]

Does Generative AI Breach Copyright Law? Baer Performance Marketing

What Does Copyright Say about Generative Models? This means that they cannot simply reproduce something they were trained on, they have to generate something new based on it. “If we do not provide IP rights to the content generated by the AI, specifically to its designers, there is much less incentive to create such software […]

4 trends shaping the future of practical generative AI

The Future of Generative AI in Enterprise Applications by BuildPiper Opstree Let’s explore some exciting future prospects for generative AI in marketing. Tune in for an exciting journey of how helped global enterprises to solve complex business problems with reliable and innovative solutions. Take a sneak peek at the latest product roadmap and upcoming […]