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7 Amazing Addiction Recovery Blogs And Bloggers Worth Following

Read on to discover where to go to read positive, inspiring, motivational, and funny addiction recovery blogs. We’ve compiled our list of the 15 best addiction recovery blogs for 2022. It is important to highlight that in the street homeless community, as in other communities, people have an innate gravitational pull to be social. It […]

The Ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy The New York Times

They say he’s passed conservative bills. He has enacted tough oversight of the Biden administration. And this all comes to a head on the House floor during a really intense debate about the future of the House and of Kevin McCarthy’s speakership. That was the question we didn’t know the answer to on Monday night, […]

Can Alcohol Help Relieve Stress? I Psych Central

It also covers when to consider talking to a professional. The problem is when feelings of stress and anxiety get out of control. Then these feelings cannot only impair your performance—they can also make you sick. Sometimes it can involve validating your feelings (emotional support), while in other cases it involves doing things to help […]