The Ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy The New York Times

They say he’s passed conservative bills. He has enacted tough oversight of the Biden administration. And this all comes to a head on the House floor during a really intense debate about the future of the House and of Kevin McCarthy’s speakership. That was the question we didn’t know the answer to on Monday night, but we would soon find out on Tuesday. It does not have the deep cuts that Republicans wanted. It does please a lot of Democrats, who vote almost all of them for this bill.

And so we would take someone who votes and acts like Kevin McCarthy if he just didn’t mislead us and make false promises to us. People are talking about how he voted to overturn the election, how he was Donald Trump’s lapdog every step of the way, how he defied a subpoena from the January 6 committee. Every single person who speaks at this closed-door meeting speaks against saving Kevin McCarthy and says that the Democrats must remain united. And in their view, it will be better to have no speaker than to have Kevin McCarthy as Speaker. Well, they were talking about this all weekend, knowing that this moment could come. And a number of Democrats made the argument that perhaps Kevin McCarthy is better than any of the alternatives that Republicans could offer up.

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So we know that they basically felt that the old model was not going to be good enough, that this idea that they would fire rockets and try to hit Israeli communities and whatever, no, no, no. And so, they wanted to take the fight to the Israelis. They wanted to get out of Gaza, and not just a few of them, but large numbers of them. And they wanted it to be an incredibly dramatic attack.

What we do know is because Kevin McCarthy was kicked out as Speaker, the next tangible step was that a temporary speaker has been put in place. And Representative Patrick McHenry is now the acting temporary speaker of the House. This body is entrenched in a suboptimal path and refuses to leave it — refuses to leave that path. You cannot change if you’re unwilling to change.

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